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This site is in active development!

Welcome to EveIntel.Net! Here you will find a collection of tools personally developed for general use. Be forewarned, all tools on this site are in active development and may not produce expected results. If you are using this site and happen upon an error, please send an Eve Mail to "Elowenn Sevetica" with the tool name, a description of the error, and a link to the page that generated it. I can't test all use cases so your help is very much appreciated (and in return, you get free use of the tools). Except where otherwise noted, this site only works in OUT OF GAME BROWSERS. There is reliance on javascript that would prevent these tools from working in their full capacity in the In-Game Browser.

A login is required to use the two tools below with the exception of viewing an intel session (Automated Scouting Tool) provided that is permitted by the intel session owner. You can choose what SSO/CREST scopes you provide to this site on the Login Page.

List of Tools

Automated Scouting Tool: This tool functions much like the d-scan reporting tools you are probably used to. Except, instead of sending a link for every d-scan, the scouts can automatically update the page with the latest d-scan and local listings. It work's for multiple scouts and updates automatically- no need to hit refresh. Eventually, it will transform into a robust decision support system. Most FCs work through instinct at assessing opposing numbers (DPS, Logi amount, etc.). This tool will hopefully take some of that guesswork out- in time.

Transneural Contact Injector: My entry for the recent CREST API Challenge contest. It didn't win, but instead of wasting the code, I've ported it over to this site. This tool lets you manage and download your contact lists. You can also upload lists via CSV. I've also added functionality to let you download contacts derived from your corporation and alliance in case you need to transfer those to alts.

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Planetary Interaction Profitability
Moon Evaluation Tool
Ore Table
Capital Production
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